The Tallest Man On Earth — “The Gardener”

this song became so important to me in such a short period of time. i adore when that happens

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A permanent bee sting in my throat, 
I can’t ever catch my breath. 

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Keep it simple and honest,
Stop crying, you’re an adult.
I could stand up, I could man up,
It’s just so convenient to be fragile.
This pain is constant and sharp,
Watching the signals that you send.
I wanna feel lethal on the inside,
I wanna read American Psycho again.

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Since you been around, honey

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Shit Twins // Dads

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If your arms are just felt then when you hold me I’ll feel held.
We’ll sink in these notes.
It never felt like this.
Tell me we belong here.
If your arms become smoke then I’ll have nothing left to hold.
We’ll dissipate with these notes.
It shouldn’t feel like this if everyone belongs here. 

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